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Name: Prince Andrew Livingstone Zutah
Date: 6 Jul 2023
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Summary of Submission

The issue of DNS abuse, which includes activities like phishing, malware distribution, and spam, is a significant concern for internet users and organizations. Promptly taking appropriate mitigation actions against domains involved in DNS abuse is generally considered a positive step to protect users and maintain the integrity of the online ecosystem.

In many cases, contracted parties (such as domain registrars or hosting providers) have access to valuable evidence that can help identify and address DNS abuse. If they have actionable evidence demonstrating abuse, it is generally recommended that they take swift action to mitigate the abuse, such as suspending or blocking the offending domains.

Efficient and effective mitigation actions can help reduce the harm caused by DNS abuse, enhance internet security, and improve user trust. However, it is also important to balance these actions with due process and the need to respect the rights and privacy of individuals and organizations involved. Striking the right balance requires collaboration between various stakeholders, including contracted parties, law enforcement agencies, and internet governance bodies.

Ultimately, the specifics of any new requirements or policies should be carefully considered, taking into account the potential impact on internet users, the rights and responsibilities of contracted parties, and the overall security and stability of the internet.