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Name: Steinar Grøtterød
Date: 26 Jun 2023
Affiliation: TLD Registry Limited OY
Summary of Attachment

Comment to the proposed Registry Agreement:

TLD Registry Limited OY welcomes the adjustment to alter from “security threats” to “DNS Abuse” with the reference to SAC115 definition of DNS Abuse. 

In particular, adding “spam” as when spam is used as a delivery mechanism for any of the other four types of DNS abuse, is of importance in DNS Abuse mitigation.

Comment to the proposed Registrar Accreditation Agreement:

TLD Registry Limited OY propose some minor changes to the RAA 3.18.1 and RAA 3.18.2.

Summary of Submission

TLD Registry Limited OY is the Registry Operator for xn--3ds443g (在线) and xn--fiq228c5hs (中文网).

TLD Registry Limited OY welcomes and supports the proposed amendments to the gTLD Registry Agreement and Registrar Accreditation Agreement.