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Name: Gregory DiBiase
Date: 11 Jul 2023
Affiliation: Amazon
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Amazon supports the proposed amendments and is encouraged by the process by which they were developed.

The amendments clarify that registrars must promptly mitigate DNS abuse upon receipt of an actionable abuse report. While most registrars already take such action, this additional clarity will enable ICANN Compliance to better enforce abuse provisions and help ensure no registrars are facilitating abusive behavior. The amendments also provide contracted parties with additional flexibility in how they ingest and process abuse reports, allowing for greater efficiency in mitigating abuse. Taken together, the amendments are a significant step toward making the internet a safer place.

We also believe that these amendments are a testament to the strength of the multi-stakeholder model. The potential ambiguity in the accreditation agreement was identified by a GNSO small team that contained members from various ICANN stakeholder groups and solicited feedback from the broader ICANN Community. Based, in part, on feedback from this GNSO small team, the contracted parties promptly entered negotiations with ICANN. The speed and efficiency with which the negotiation proceeded reflects positively on ICANN and the contracted parties, demonstrating high levels of trust and cooperation, and the ability of the ICANN community to get things done.