Деятельность и заседания Правления

Ознакомьтесь с действиями и решениями Правления ICANN по итогам недавно предпринятой деятельности и встреч.

Board Activities and Meetings 2024

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No upcoming meetings.

July 2024

No meetings this month.

June 2024

No meetings this month.

May 2024

30 May 2024

Secretary's Notice of Designation of Board Seat 9 with Supporting Documentation

April 2024

No meetings this month.

March 2024

28 March 2024

Secretary’s Notice of Appointment of Non-Voting Liaison to the Board by SSAC with Supporting Documentation

February 2024

No meetings this month.

January 2024

20 January 2024

Secretary's Notice of the ICANN Board Action Without a Meeting