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Secretary's Notice | Selection of Alejandro Pisanty as a Director by the GNSO | 26 May 2003

Article X, Section 3(6) of the ICANN Bylaws states:

6. The GNSO Council shall make selections to fill Seats 13 and 14 on the ICANN Board by written ballot or by action at a meeting; any such selection must have affirmative votes comprising a majority of the votes of all the members of the GNSO Council. Notification of the GNSO Council's selections shall be given by the GNSO Chair in writing to the ICANN Secretary, consistent with Article VI, Sections 8(4) and 12(1).

Consistent with the second-quoted sentence above, I received the following message on 26 May 2003 (Marina del Rey time) from Bruce Tonkin, the GNSO Chair:

Subject: Result of election for Board seat #13
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003
From: Bruce Tonkin
To: Louis Touton
Cc: GNSO Secretariat, Alejandro Pisanty

To: ICANN Secretary
From: GNSO Chair

Dear Louis,

The GNSO Council in its meeting on Thursday 22 May, formally ratified the email vote for Board seat #13.

The results of the email vote were:

Alejandro Pisanty 22 votes for, 1 against, 1 abstention

Thus Alejandro Pisanty was declared elected to Board seat #13, under the ICANN Bylaws, Article X, Section 3, Clause 6.

Bruce Tonkin
Chair, GNSO

Under Article XX, Section 2(5), and Article VI, Section 8(1)(e) and (2), of the ICANN Bylaws, the term of Dr. Pisanty in Seat 13 will begin at the "Effective Date and Time of the New Board" and will end on the day six months after the conclusion of ICANN's annual meeting in 2003.

Louis Touton
ICANN Secretary