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Meeting of the Executive Committee Preliminary Report 30 January 2001

At its meeting on 30 January 2001, the ICANN Executive Committee adopted the following resolutions:

Repayment of Loan

Whereas, Cisco Systems, Inc. has loaned the Corporation a principal amount of US$150,000, which will be due for repayment on 2 February 2001;

Whereas, the principal due for repayment is US$150,000 and the unpaid interest that will be accrued through 2 February 2001 is US$4,875;

IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED [EC01.4], that the President is authorized to disburse US$154,875 to Cisco Systems, Inc. in full repayment of the loan.

Governmental Advisory Committee Elections

Whereas, Article VII, Section 3(a) of ICANN's bylaws provides that the initial chairman of the Governmental Advisory Committee shall be appointed by the ICANN Board and that subsequent chairs shall be elected by the members of the Governmental Advisory Committee pursuant to procedures they adopt;

Whereas, Principle 33 of the Governmental Advisory Committee's operating principles provides that the first election will be held at a time determined by the ICANN Board;

Whereas, in resolution 99.121 the Board delegated to the Executive Committee the authority (with exceptions not here relevant) to exercise all the Board's powers in the oversight of the management of the affairs of the Corporation;

Whereas, the Governmental Advisory Committee has requested that its first election be scheduled for its meeting in Melbourne on 9-10 March 2001.

IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED [EC01.5], that the first election of the the Governmental Advisory Committee is scheduled for the Committee's meeting in Melbourne on 9-10 March 2001.

VeriSign Multilingual Testbed

RESOLVED [EC01.6], that until such time as the Board can further consider the matter, the Vice President and General Counsel is authorized temporarily to waive terms of the Registry Agreement between ICANN and Network Solutions, Inc. (also known as VeriSign Global Registry Services) as necessary to permit blocking of initial registration through non-testbed means of second-level domains within the .com, .net, and .org top-level domains intended for use within VeriSign's multilingual testbed.