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Minutes | Special Meeting of the Board 3 May 2005

A Special Meeting of the ICANN Board of Directors was held via teleconference on 3 May 2005 and was called to order at 2:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time. Chairman Vinton G. Cerf presided over the entire meeting. The following other Board Directors participated in all or part of the meeting: Raimundo Beca, Mouhamet Diop, Demi Getschko, Hagen Hultzsch, Joichi Ito, Veni Markovski, Thomas Niles, Michael D. Palage, Hualin Qian, Vanda Scartezini, Peter Dengate Thrush and Paul Twomey. Alejandro Pisanty, and Njeri Rionge, were not present for the vote.

The following Board Liaisons participated in all or part of the meeting: Steve Crocker, Security and Stability Advisory Committee Liaison; Roberto Gaetano, At Large Advisory Committee Liaison; John Klensin, IETF Liaison; Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi, Governmental Advisory Committee Liaison; Richard Thwaites, Technical Liaison Group Liaison; and Suzanne Woolf, Root Server System Advisory Committee Liaison.

John Jeffrey, General Counsel and Board Secretary participated in the meeting. The following ICANN staff members also participated in the meeting: Kurt J. Pritz, Vice President of Business Operations; and, Paul Verhoef, Vice President Policy Development Support.

Chairman Vint Cerf made some opening remarks and then the Board engaged in discussion regarding the following items and in some cases adopted resolutions, as set forth below:

Approval of Minutes

Vint Cerf introduced the resolution and moved for a vote and Michael Palage seconded.

Resolved (05.28), the minutes of the meeting of the Board on 8 April 2005, are hereby approved and adopted by the Board as presented.

The Board approved this resolution unanimously, by a vote of 13-0. These minutes have subsequently been posted at the following link <http://www.icann.org/minutes/minutes-08apr05.htm>.

.ASIA sTLD Application Discussion

Paul Twomey introduced this discussion and moved for a vote on this resolution, Peter Dengate Thrush proposed an amendment to the resolution, and Thomas Niles seconded.

Resolved (05.29), the Board requests that ICANN Staff obtain from the applicants for .ASIA additional detailed information regarding the applicant's compliance with Section 8.3 of the "Principles for Delegation and Administration of ccTLDs Presented by Governmental Advisory Committee" or otherwise report back to the board within 90 days.

The Board approved this resolution by a vote of 12-0. Michael Palage abstained.

.XXX sTLD Application Discussion

Although no resolution was offered regarding this issue, there was broad discussion of this matter regarding whether or not the application met the criteria within the RFP particularly relating to whether or not there was a “sponsored community” and the Board agreed that it would discuss this issue again at the next Board Meeting.

Strategic Plan

Paul Twomey introduced the discussion and moved for a vote on this resolution, Vint Cerf amended the resolution, and Hagen Hultzsch seconded.

Resolved (05.30), the Board directs the ICANN Staff to post the current version of the Strategic Plan to obtain an additional public comment period of no less than one week so that the Board may review such additional comments and consider voting on the Strategic Plan at the next Board Meeting.

The Board approved this resolution by a vote of 11-2 with negative votes recorded from Raimundo Beca and Michael Palage.

Pursuant to this request, ICANN Staff posted the latest version of the Strategic Plan on 6 May 2005 and left the public comment period open until 20 May 2005.

Reimbursement of Director's Expenses

Vint Cerf introduced the discussion. Thomas Niles moved for a vote on this resolution, and Hagen Hultzsch seconded.

Whereas, Article VI, Section 22 of the ICANN bylaws provides that the Board may authorize the reimbursement of actual and necessary reasonable expenses incurred by Directors performing their duties as Directors;

Resolved (05.31) that the Board hereby authorizes the reimbursement of expenses to Directors as follows:

  • Alejandro Pisanty - for travel to Geneva for meetings relating to WSIS/WGIG in September 2004 - additional airfare expense of US$3190.94
  • Alejandro Pisanty - for travel to Geneva for travel related to relating to WSIS/WGIG and the Capetown Meeting in November and December 2004 - additional airfare expense of US$7967.35
  • Raimundo Beca - for travel to Maputo, Mozambique to attend an Address Council meeting along with AfrNIC's first meeting - travel expenses estimated not to exceed US$9000
  • Veni Markovski - to attend a meeting in Brussels on 6 June 2005. Estimated cost Euro 1,000.

The Board unanimously approved this resolution by a vote of 13-0.

Other Business

The Board Liaisons left the call to allow the voting Board Members to review personnel related matters.

[Redacted Information -- The agenda and matters discussed during the latter part of the 3 May 2005 Board Meeting cannot be published consistent with ICANN's Bylaws at Article III, Section 5.3.]

The Meeting was formally adjourned at 4:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time.