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IANA Committee (IC) Minutes 5 December 2010

IC attendees: Harald Alvestrand – chair, Dennis Jennings, Thomas Narten, Kuo-Wei-Wu, Suzanne Woolf and Katim Touray

Other Board attendees: Steve Crocker and Bruce Tonkin

Guest: Cherine Chalaby (Board member to be seated on 10 December 2010)

Staff Members Present: Elise Gerich – VP, IANA; Joe Abley, Michelle Cotton, Barbara Roseman, Naela Sarras, Diane Schroeder, Amy Stathos, and Leo Vegoda.

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken and actions identified:

  1. Minutes: Committee unanimously approved the minutes from last committee meeting.

  2. Action Items: Received update from staff on action items identified for action at this meeting and identified which one’s were completed.

    • Action item needing update:

      • Working to achieve agreement on publishing documentation of current Root Zone management practice.

  3. IPv4 Allocation Requests: Staff notified committee that we have allocated five /8s in November, totaling 19 in 2010. Just two /8s are left to be distributed before final allocation of one of the remaining five to each of the RIRs. Staff reported that the idea is to plan a function for distribution of final /8s, which has been supported by the NRO.

  4. L-Root Single Deployments: Staff briefed the committee on L-Single deployment. The key to such deployments is to help ensure survival of local DNS structure. Have done field trial for effectiveness and now near end of second field trial to determine scalable nature of service. Goal is to serve a lot of regions that are not currently served by root servers, taking advantage of best practices and extending the state of the art. Allows for deployment of new nodes without travel. The BIC welcomed and supported these developments.

  5. SysTrust Audit: Staff provided briefing on audit. Audit measures implemented controls against principles: security, availability, integrity, confidentiality and privacy. At some point ICANN will be accredited and then will be required to complete annual audits. . The BIC welcomed and supported these developments.

  6. 2011 Work Plan: The committee reviewed the work plan and determined that it correctly reflects thoughts from the last meeting on actions for the committee to be considered and undertake in 2011.

  7. Meeting schedule: Committee discussed scheduling and frequency meetings for next year.

  8. Orientation: Discussed suggestion for orientation to all ICANN staff and Board members relating to the IANA function and DNS.

  9. Operational updates: (i) The request to publish the Trust Anchor for .ARPA in the root was submitted last week and will be deployed in the root by Monday; and (ii) IPv6 .ARPA moving from ad hoc naming to RFC naming and to be implemented on Tuesday.