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Board Risk Committee (RC) – Minutes 25 June 2012

RC Attendees: Steve Crocker, Ray Plzak, Thomas Roessler, Mike Silber - Chair, Bruce Tonkin, Suzanne Woolf, and Judith Vazquez

Other Board Attendees: Erika Mann, Ram Mohan, Thomas Narten, Gonzalo Navarro Sébastien Bachollet, Chris Disspain, Bertrand de La Chapelle, Thomas Narten, and George Sadowsky

RC Apologies: R. Ramaraj

Staff Attendees: Akram Atallah – Chief Operating Officer; John Jeffrey – General Counsel and Secretary; Jeff Moss – Chief Security Officer; Kurt Pritz – Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Relations; Samantha Eisner, Patrick Jones, Amy Stathos, and Alina Syunkova

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken and actions identified:

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting: The RC approved the minutes of its previous meeting.
  2. DNS Resiliency Efforts: The RC received a report from staff regarding ongoing efforts regarding enhancements to DNS resiliency, including collaboration among root operators. The RC discussed possible Board communications regarding contacts and collaboration among root operators. The RC also discussed deployment of anycast instances of root servers and development of a strategy for future deployment. The RC agreed to form a small work party of three Board members to consider coordination and collaboration issues.
    • Action
      • Work party of RC members to provide update on coordination and collaboration issues at upcoming RC meeting.
  3. Update on Key Program Identification for Risk Committee Tracking: The RC received a report on the work to identify key program areas for RC tracking and reporting in FY13.
  4. New gTLD Program Update: The RC discussed the issues surrounding various technology systems and the identification of best practices that could inform systemic improvements going forward.  The RC also discussed efforts for assuring operational readiness for continued progress through the roll out of new gTLDs, and the need to update the identified risks and mitigation efforts for the New gTLD Program. The RC discussed the need for publicly documenting its attention to this issue, and the possibility for recommending a Board resolution on this matter.
    • Actions:
      • Staff to give RC members an opportunity to review terms of reference for program review work undertaken.
      • Staff to update the identification of risks and mitigation efforts for the New gTLD Program.