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Board Risk Committee (RC) – Minutes 23 February 2012

RC Attendees:  Steve Crocker, Ray Plzak, R. Ramaraj, Thomas Roessler, Mike Silber, Bruce Tonkin, and Suzanne Woolf

Apologies: Judith Vasquez

Staff Attendees: Akram Atallah – Chief Operating Officer; John Jeffrey – General Counsel and Secretary; Jeff Moss – Chief Security Officer; Samantha Eisner, Amy Stathos, and Alina Syunkova

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken and actions identified:

  1. Key Program Update: New gTLD Program: The RC received an update from staff on the identification of risks and mitigation work in the New gTLD Program, including updates to the risk matrix to reflect the status of the program and the opening of the application window.

    • Action:
      • Update risk matrix in line with the RC comments.
  2. ICANN Litigation Readiness: Received update regarding steps undertaken to maintain ICANN litigation readiness, including continual assessment work and implementation of mitigation measures.
  3. New gTLD Application Process: The RC discussed risks specific to the New gTLD Application Process and consideration of applications, including the ongoing work in the BGC to identify a specific committee of the perceived non-conflicted Directors that will be authorized to take decisions related to the New gTLD Program.  The RC also discussed potential measures to allow ICANN to be ready for quick action if necessary.
  4. Security Update: The RC received an update of ongoing coordination related to security issues, including the threat to the root systems and the need for budgeting requests to deal with the threats, as well as continued review of process and incident response planning.