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Board Meeting - Agenda 30 July 2009

  1. Consent Agenda:
    1. From the Board Finance Committee -- Endorsing investment policy & adopting minor amendments
    2. From the Board Governance Committee
      1. Conflicts of Interest Policy – approval
      2. Nominating Committee Member from Research & Academia – Confirmation
    3. From the Structural Improvements Committee
      1. Nominating Committee Review Working Group: Approval of the proposed composition
      2. ccNSO Review: Approval to publish RFP for hiring an external consultant
      3. Systematization of Organizational Review processes: Adoption of Proposal
    4. Response to Ombudsman Recommendations

    Main Board Meeting - For Action and Discussion:

  2. From the Structural Improvements Committee regarding GNSO Improvements
    1. Stakeholder Group Charters
    2. Board Seats 13 & 14
    3. New Constituencies
    4. Changes to Bylaws
  3. IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process – keeping on track for launch just after Seoul
  4. New gTLDS – Remaining Open Issues
  5. JPA Progress Report – plan going forward
  6. IGF Planning – Current Strategy
  7. President & CEO's Report
  8. Updates

  9. DNSSEC Implementation
  10. Root scalability study update
  11. At-Large Board Seats
  12. Document Deadline Policy for ICANN International Meetings from Public Participation Committee
  13. Other Business