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Agenda ICANN Regular Meeting 24 June 2011

  1. Consent Agenda

    1. Approval of Minutes of 21 April 2011 ICANN Board Meeting
    2. From the SIC – Approval of Revisions to ALAC-Related Bylaws
    3. From the SIC – ccNSO Review Implementation Report
    4. From the SIC – New GNSO Constituency Recognition Process
    5. From the SIC – Permanent Charters of the GNSO’s Commercial Stakeholders Group
    6. From the SIC – Permanent Charters of the GNSO’s Non Commercial Stakeholders Group
    7. From the SIC – Proposal for a Not-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency in the GNSO
    8. From the SSAC – Changes to Membership – Appointment of Jason Livingood
    9. From the SSAC – Changes to Membership
    10. From the BGC – ByLaw Change or Process for Selection Academia Member on NomCom
    11. From the BGC – Recommendation re Working Group to develop risk management framework and system for the DNS
    12. From the Compensation Committee
    13. March 2012 ICANN Meeting in Latin America
    14. June 2012 ICANN Meeting in Europe
    15. FY 12 SSR Framework
    16. Thanks to Departing Members of the ICANN Board
    17. Thanks to Departing At-Large Volunteers
    18. Thanks to Sponsors
    19. Thanks to Scribes, Interpreters, Staff, Event and Hotel Teams
    20. Thanks to Speakers
    21. Thanks to Meeting Participants

Main Agenda

  1. ATRT Recommendations & Budget
  2. Renewal of .NET Agreement
  3. FY12 Operating Plan & Budget
  4. Report from Board-GAC Joint Working Group
  5. Internet Number Certification (RPKI) Program
  6. From the IANA Committee – Local Community Support Guidance –
  7. Issues Arising from the Singapore Meeting
  8. Any Other Business