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Agenda | Meeting of the Technical Committee of the Board (BTC) 21 July 2022

  1. Welcome

    1.1. Roll Call

    1.2. Agenda Review

  2. Update Session with NCAP-DG Admin Co-Chairs

    • Progress update on Study-2
  3. Admin

    3.1. Approval of pending meeting's report if any

    3.2. Action items review

  4. Discussion on Blockchain Based Name Service
  5. Discuss Recommendation to the Board re: Implementing SSAC113 Recommendations
  6. Discuss Recommendation to the Board re: the Proposal to Implement IDN Guidelines version 4.1
  7. Priority Project Updates:

    7.1. DSFI-TSG Report's Implementation Update

    7.2. Root Zone Management Study

    7.3. IMRS Strategy

    7.4. RSSAC 037/038 Implementation

  8. Update from technical liaisons

    8.1. SSAC

    8.2. RSSAC

    8.3. IETF

  9. AOB

Published on 21 July 2022