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Agenda | Board Governance Committee (BGC) 1 February 2016

  1. Approval of Minutes (13 January 2016)
  2. Reconsideration Request 15-21: dotgay, LLC (.GAY)
  3. AICPA's request for making oral presentation to the BGC re:
  4. Reconsideration Request 15-17 (.CPA)

  5. Board Governance Committee Charter Responsibilities:
  6. I.A Assisting the Board to enhance its performance.
    I.B Leading the Board in periodic review of its performance, including its relationship with ICANN's Chief Executive Officer.
    I.H Recommending to the Board corporate governance guidelines applicable to ICANN as a global, private sector corporation serving in the public interest.

  7. Any Other Business

Published on 27 January 2016