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Public Comments: Proposed Reformulation of Bylaws Related to Organizational Review Cycles

10 июля 2009

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In its present formulation, the Section 4 of Article IV of ICANN's Bylaws contains provisions for a three-year period between each consecutive review of the key structures of ICANN.

Based on the organizational learnings during the first cycle of organizational reviews, the Structural Improvements Committee of the Board considers that a modification of Section 4 of Article IV of the Bylaws is needed in order to:

  • Extend to five years the period between each consecutive review of the same structure of ICANN; this longer period of time will allow for a more accurate assessment of the effects of the changes introduced following each review process.
  • Clarify that the period between two consecutive reviews should be computed from the moment the Board receives the final report of the relevant review Working Group.

The whole chapter 2 of the Section 4 of Article IV –containing a calendar of the first planned reviews- is furthermore removed from the proposed reformulation, because it is obsolete.

A public comment period is open until the 9 August 2009 on the proposed reformulation of the Section 4 of Art. IV of the Bylaws [PDF, 72K].