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Public Comment: Proposed Bylaws Amendment to Create a Non-Voting Chair-Elect to the Nominating Committee

10 ноября 2010

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Explanation/Background: On 28 October 2010, the Board approved in principle the recommendation of the Board’s NomCom Review Finalization Working Group that the Board identify a non-voting Chair-Elect to the Nominating Committee, to serve for a year in the Nominating Committee prior to be appointed as Chair. The Working Group issued its final report [PDF, 320 KB] in January 2010.

The Board's Structural Improvements Committee (SIC) is charged with providing suggested actions to address this recommendation. As part of the SIC’s work, the SIC agreed with the WG recommendation that the non-voting Chair-Elect should replace the current position of non-voting Advisor, i.e. the previous year’s Nominating Committee Chair, in the composition of the Committee. The SIC also highlighted the need to provide appropriate flexibility for the Board in handling different situations that may occur.

One item necessary to implement the recommendation is a change to Article VII of the ICANN Bylaws to enable the requisite changes in election timing and Committee composition. The Office of the General Counsel, in consultation with the SIC and the staff supporting the Nominating Committee, identified recommended Bylaws amendments necessary to allow the election of the Nominating Committee Chair one year in advance, in line with Board and committee directives. At its meeting on 28 October 2010, the Board directed staff to post these recommended Bylaws amendments for public comment, so that the Board can take action on these proposed amendments in view of comments received.

The relevant portion of the proposed Bylaws revisions, in redline for ease of review, can be found at: http://www.icann.org/en/general/proposed-bylaws-revision-vii-10nov10-en.pdf [PDF, 64 KB]

The subject of this public comment forum is limited to the proposed Bylaws revisions necessary to elect the Chair one year in advance and the ensuing change of the Committee composition. Further information about the Nominating Committee can be found at http://nomcom.icann.org/.

Deadline and How to Submit Comments:

ICANN is opening a 30-day public comment, from 10 November 2010 through 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on 10 December 2010.

The formal Public Comment Forum Box is located here: http://www.icann.org/en/public-comment/public-comment-201012-en.htm#bylaws-amend-article-vii

To Submit Comments: bylaws-amend-article-vii@icann.org

To View Comments: http://forum.icann.org/lists/bylaws-amend-article-vii/

Staff Responsible: Olof Nordling, Director, Services Relations, ICANN