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Ombudsman Releases Annual Report | ICANN independent officer's 2008 report summarizes year of dispute resolution

16 октября 2008

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ICANN's Ombudsman has released his report for 2008.

The report is an annual stocktake of the office and outlines how it has helped individuals and organizations with disputes come to resolution while avoiding formal processes like the courts.

Highlights include:

  • A summary of the 125 complaints or requests for assistance received
  • Recommendations on actions to be taken by the ICANN Board
  • Details of outreach and training events
  • Review of the 2008 International Forum on Online Dispute Resolution
  • A paper published in the International Ombudsman Yearbook dealing with client satisfaction

"The past year was a busy one," said the Ombudsman, Frank Fowlie, on the report's release. "And this report provides a snapshot of what is happening with both my office and in terms of ombudsmanship and online dispute resolution – an area where ICANN really is at the forefront."

As well as handling disputes, the Ombudsman also promotes his office and the role it serves within ICANN's unique multi-stakeholder model. "In the past year, I gave presentations on Ombudsman evaluations to the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman, the United States Ombudsman Association, and the International Ombudsman Association," Fowlie explained. "My office also published a Practitioner's Guide to Evaluating Ombudsman Offices which was reprinted as an occasional paper by the International Ombudsman Institute."

The Ombudsman is an independent, impartial, and neutral officer of ICANN. His function is to act as an Alternative Dispute Resolution office for those who may wish to lodge a complaint about a staff or board decision, action or inaction.

More information about the Ombudsman, his work and his role is available online at: http://icann.org/ombudsman/

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