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Details of November 2001 ICANN Meeting in Marina del Rey, California, USA

30 октября 2001

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ICANN today posted a range of new program details for its upcoming DNS security-focused meeting. The meeting will be 12-15 November, in Marina del Rey, California, USA.

Meeting homepage


The program is intended to strike a balance between the managerial and the technical aspects of DNS security, and also to stay within the scope of ICANN's responsibilities for the stability and integrity of the domain name and address allocation systems. The schedule features plenary speakers, topic-specific panels, parallel sessions focusing on management and operational/technical considerations, cross-community breakout groups, and constituency meetings. At the end of the program, representatives of ICANN constituent groups will be asked to make reports to the community.

  • Updated Schedule

    Following is the tentative schedule:


Various times (see online schedule):
   • Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO) Constituency Meetings
   • DNSO Names Council
   • ICANN At Large Study Committee
0830 - Governmental Advisory Committee
1800 - Public Forum on At Large Participation
2000 - DNSO General Assembly


0830 - CEO Welcome
0845 - Welcome plenary: TBA
0915 - Plenary talk: Steven M. Bellovin
1000 - Panel: Root Name Server Security
1100 - Break
1115 - Remarks: Vint Cerf
1130 - Panel: DNS Security: Present and Future
1230 - Lunch
1330 - Panel: TLD Registry and Nameserver Security
1430 - Cross-community break-out groups
1615 - Break
1630 - Panel: Registries and Registrars: Recovery & Restoration
1930 - Reception at Marina Beach Marriott


    0830 - Plenary talk: John Tritak
    0900 - Plenary talk: Bruce Schneier
    0945 - Parallel sessions:
       • Management Track
       • Operational/Technical Track
    1045 - Break
    1100 - Parallel sessions continued
    1230 - Lunch
    1330 - Constituency meetings
    1600 - Names Council coordination meeting
    1930 - Reception at the J. Paul Getty Museum

  • Details on Plenary Speakers

    Steven M. Bellowin
    AT&T Fellow
    "ICANN and the Security of the Internet"

    John S. Tritak
    Director, Critical Infrastucture Assurance Office

    Bruce Schneier
    Founder & CTO, Counterpane Internet Security, Inc.
    "Resilient Security - An Ongoing Process"

  • Details on Panels

    1. Root Name Server Security

    Description: Overview of present DNS Root Name Server system, security aspects, short-term plans for enhanced security, longer-term considerations.
    Moderator: Jun Murai (Chair, DNS Root Server System Advisory Committee)

    2. DNS Security: Present and Future

    Description: Overview of current security aspects of the DNS protocol and domain nameservers, and plans for future security enhancements, such as the DNSSEC extensions. Moderator: Edward Lewis (NAI Labs)

    3. TLD Registry & Nameserver Security

    Description: Overview of security practices and considerations for Top-Level Domain registry and nameserver operations. Moderator: Ken Silva (Director of Technical Services and Network Security, VeriSign Inc.; Board member, IT-ISAC)

    4. Registries and registrars: Recovery & restoration

    Description: Management of crisis situations. Focus on both preparation for and recovery from crisis situations, with an emphasis on post-Sept 11 threat analysis and response. Moderator: Elliot Noss (CEO, Tucows Inc.)

    Panelists are still being confirmed and will be announced later this week.

  • Program Committee

    As the details continue to be finalized, the program committee welcomes your input. See <http://www.icann.org/mdr2001/program.htm>.