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Advisory | Internationalized Domain Names (IDN): Implementation Update | ICANN approves temporary procedures to improve the transfer mechanism for IDN registrations

20 февраля 2004

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This is an important notice to registrants holding Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) registrations in .com, .net and .org. Some ICANN accredited registrars have announced that they will no longer be supporting and offering IDN registrations. In those cases, 'test bed' domain names will be deleted and lost to the registrant. Those wishing to retain their internationalized domain name should first check with their current registrar to determine whether that registrar will continue to support IDN registrations. If this is not the case, IDN registrants are advised to transfer their domain name registration to another registrar.

To assist in the process of transferring IDN registrations between registrars, ICANN approved on February 18, 2004 temporary setis of "IDN Transfer Procedures". These procedures will be implemented respectively by the .com, .net and .org Registry Operators (VeriSign and PIR have each developed a set of procedures to be applied to their registries). These procedures do not guarantee that names will be transferred successfully away from non IDN supporting registrars. Each registrant should contact their registrar to ensure that their name will be transferred if necessary.

February 20, 2004: On February 18, 2004, ICANN approved a temporary set of procedures to improve the mechanisms for transferring Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) between registrars.

The "IDN Transfer Procedures" were proposed separately by the operators of the .com, .net and .org registries (VeriSign and PIR). The temporary set of IDN Transfer Procedures were developed in order to make it easier for registrants to transfer their IDN registrations if their existing registrar plans to withdraw support of IDN registrations.

IDN registrants should contact their current registrar to determine whether their IDN registration will be supported by their current registrar. IDN domain names will be deleted by non-supporting registrars as early as February 28, 2004.

VeriSign and PIR will each communicate their respective temporary sets of transfer procedures for IDN registrations directly to all registrars. Please contact your preferred ICANN-accredited registrar for further information and assistance regarding your IDN registration.