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ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement (.sd): Attachment C

Signed: 20 December 2002
Effective: 20 December 2002

Attachment C
Specification for ICANN's Publication of Root-Zone Whois Information

ICANN will publish data about the Delegated ccTLD from the Authoritative-Root Database meeting at least the requirements stated in this Attachment.

A. Data Elements Published

At least the following:

1. Sponsoring Organization name and postal address.
2. Administrative Contact name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, and facsimile number.
3. Technical Contact name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, and facsimile number.
4. Names of nameservers in the root zone for the Delegated ccTLD and the nameservers' IP addresses.
5. Date of creation of Delegated ccTLD.
6. Date of last update to information for Delegated ccTLD.
7. URL for registration services.

The above list of elements required to be published pertains only to data in the Authoritative-Root Database. To the extent that data is not in the Authoritative-Root Database because it has not been supplied by the Sponsoring Organization or for other reasons, it need not be published.

Note that up to 13 nameservers for the Delegated ccTLD are supported, as are up to 13 IPv4 addresses per nameserver. IPv6 addresses are not currently supported in the root zone.

B. Means of Publication

Elements 1-7 of item A will be published in at least the following ways:

  • On a web page on the IANA web site <http://www.iana.org> dedicated to the Delegated ccTLD.
  • Through the port 80 Whois service at <http://www.internic.net>.
  • Through the port 43 Whois service at <whois.iana.org>.

C. Update Frequency

The published data will be updated from the Authoritative-Root Database at least three times per week.

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