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11 June 1999

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June 11, 1999

Ralph Nader
P.O. Box 19312
Washington, DC 20036

James Love
Consumer Project on Technology
P.O. Box 19367, Washington, DC 20036


Esther Dyson <edyson@edventure.com>
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Dear Ms Dyson,

Could you tell us the scope of internet governance issues that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) aspires to address? For example, does ICANN seek to make any decisions regarding allocation of trademark rights to those who seek domain names? And will ICANN use its control over root name servers to block access to any IP address or domain name for any reason? If so, could you give us an idea of what those reasons might be, and how those decisions will be made, and what legal recourse persons would have regarding ICANN decisions?

Also, does ICANN seek the authority to levy fees on the use of domain names? If so, what are the legally binding limits on the use of funds from those fees by ICANN? Under any circumstances will the ICANN be permitted to use these funds to promote public policy objectives on broader internet governance issues?

Finally, is ICANN's interim board making substantive policy decisions, before a membership is in place? If so, can you explain how this start-up procedure is justified given the terms of your agreement with the United States government?

You are known for being meticulous. We await your specific replies to these questions.

Thank you.



Ralph Nader
James Love

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