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.jp ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement
(Signed 27 February 2002; Effective 1 April 2002)

On 27 February 2002, ICANN and Japan Registry Service Co., Ltd. (JPRS) entered into a ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement under which JPRS is recognized as the manager for the .jp ccTLD. The agreement is based on the 30 January 2002 endorsement of JPRS by the Government of Japan, the 8 February 2002 IANA Report on Request for Redelegation of the .jp Top-Level Domain, and the 8 February 2002 ICANN Board's approval of the .jp ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement. The agreement and its appendices may be viewed by following the links below:

ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement


  • A:
Administrative and Technical Contacts and Nameservers at Commencement of Agreement
  • B:
Format and Technical Requirements for Requests to Change TLD Nameservers in the Root Zone
  • C:
Specification for ICANN's Publication of Root-Zone Whois Information
  • D:
Format Requirements for Contact Information About the Sponsoring Organization, Administrative Contact, and Technical Contact
  • E:
[intentionally omitted]
  • F:
Limitations on Contribution Requirements
  • G:
Specifications and Policies at Commencement of Agreement


  • 1
JPNIC's Certified Copy of Approval, with English-language translation
  • 2
1 February 2001 Letter from Jun Murai to Stuart Lynn
  • 3
Memorandum for the Transfer of Management and Administration of the .jp Top Level Domain (9 November 2001)
  • 4
Report of JPNIC and JPRS to the Governmental Authority on Execution of Memorandum (12 November 2001)
  • 5
3 December 2001 Letter from JPRS Requesting Redelegation
  • 6
28 January 2002 Endorsement Letter from Jun Murai
  • 7
30 January 2002 Endorsement Letter from the Governmental Authority
  • 8
30 January 2002 Letter from the Governmental Authority notifying JPRS and JPNIC of Its Endorsement of Redelegation
  • 9
8 February 2002 IANA Report on Redelegation of the .jp Top-Level Domain

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