IBM letter to ICANN
Office of the VP, Internet Technology
    Route 100
    Somers, NY 10589
    September 23, 1999

Ms. E. Dyson
Chair, Board of Directors
Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Dear Esther,

On behalf of IBM Corporation, I am pleased to advise you that IBM will provide ICANN with a $100,000 contribution to help support the critically-important work of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. We appreciate the hard work that you, your colleagues on the Board, and many others have put into this effort, and believe that as a major Internet company, we too should do our fair share to help the Internet transition from US government to private sector management of administrative functions.

While this contribution is unconditional, we call on ICANN's management and Board to use the equivalent funds, when ICANN's financial position is sound, to further the democratization of ICANN and its affiliated bodies. While we have been very pleased with the important progress that ICANN has made to date in ensuring its democratic base, we would hope that these funds could be used to help ensure that, as ICANN develops a plan for the selection of "at large" members to its Board, those who might not normally have access to the decision-making channels of the Corporation would be assisted in doing so.

Best of luck in your important work.

    John R Patrick