ICANN | Message from gTLD Registries Constituency to Louis Touton | 24 October 2002
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Message from gTLD Registries Constituency to Louis Touton Regarding Amendment to Whois Provisions of .name Registry Agreement

(24 October 2002)

Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002
From: "Cochetti, Roger" <RCochetti@verisign.com>
To: "Louis Touton (E-mail)" <touton@icann.org>

Dear Louis,

As representatives to the Names Council and on behalf of the gTLD constituency, we write to you in connection with the proposal being put forth by GNR in connection with its Whois structure.

We have been aware of the Whois modifications that GNR has been pursuing for several months and understand that GNR seeks changes to the .name Whois specification for two reasons: (1) to rectify potential problems with its current specification in the context of their UK regulatory obligations, and (2) to address certain privacy issues that are most relevant to .name because of its audience of individual consumers. Because GNR must adhere to different requirements as a UK company, it seems outside of the ICANN realm to pass upon what is essentially a regulatory compliance issue.

Thus, because GNR's proposal seeks to ensure compliance with relevant UK requirements and because its proposed modifications relate only to .name,
it should remain an issue between GNR and ICANN and should not be a part of the DNSO policy process.


Roger Cochetti,
Cary Karp,
Jordyn Buchanan,


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