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Payments to Directors

Report of Expense Reimbursement and Other Payments to ICANN Directors
Fiscal Period ending 30 June 2002

This report is provided annually in accordance with Article XI, section 3 of the ICANN Bylaws, which provides, in part, that "The Board shall publish, at least annually . . . a description of any payments made by the Corporation to Directors (including reimbursement of expenses)."

This report covers payments made during the fiscal year from 1 July 2001 through 30 June 2002. During this period, one annual and three regular (face-to-face) meetings were held, in Montevideo (10 September 2001), Los Angeles (15 November 2001), Ghana (14 March 2002), and Bucharest (28 June 2002). In addition, some reimbursements were made during this fiscal year for earlier meetings. Not all directors sought reimbursement for travel and meeting expenses reports for every meeting, and Directors Campos and Murai received no reimbursements.

A number of Directors also volunteered time to represent ICANN at other meetings, for which their travel and meeting expenses were reimbursed. Director Cerf was re-elected Chairman of the Board at the close of the Los Angeles meeting. Director Lynn was the elected President and CEO at the meeting in Melbourne (13 March 2001). These individuals, in their respective capacities, attended a substantially greater number of meetings.

Director's Name Reimbursement Amount   Description
A. Abril i Abril US$ 11,044.78   Three Board Meetings
K. Auerbach US$ 6,311.31   One Board Meeting, Two Other Meetings
R. Blokzijl US$ 24,026.05   Four Board Meetings, One Other Meeting
V. Cerf US$ 11,706.95   Three Board Meetings
L. Chapin US$ 12,674.75   One Board Meeting, Three Other Meetings
J. Cohen US$ 16,081.46   Three Board Meetings, One Other Meeting
P. Davidson US$ 12,543.45   Three Board Meetings
F. Fitzsimmons US$ 7,628.07   One Board Meeting, One Other Meeting
K. Fockler US$ 5,140.14   One Board Meeting
M. Katoh US$ 15,737.69   Three Board Meetings, One Other Meeting
H. Kraaijenbrink US$ 17,402.71   Four Board Meetings, Two Other Meetings
S.H. Kyong US$ 25,406.38   Three Board Meetings, Two Other Meetings
M.S. Lynn US$ 89,894.87   Three Board Meetings, 25 Other Meetings and office expenses
A. Mueller-Maguhn US$ 22,628.37   Three Board Meetings, Two Other Meetings
A. Pisanty US$ 21,529.24   Five Board Meetings, Two Other Meetings, and telephone expenses
N. Quaynor US$ 22,949.35   Three Board Meetings, Two Other Meetings
H. Schink US$ 11,787.63   Three Board Meetings
L. Wilson US$ 15,463.44   Three Board Meetings, Two Other Meetings

Director Lynn was compensated as President/CEO through an employment agreement with ICANN. Payments under this agreement totaled US$252,909.39 for the fiscal year, which included US$163,014.52 for professional services, and the total shown above for travel expense. No other Director received any payment except those listed above.

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