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28 June 2002

28 June 2002

To the Board of Directors of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

From The Country Code Managers

Peter de Blanc, 17 November 1944 - 26 June 2002

Peter passed away on 26 June 2002.

Until very recently Peter was a regular attendee in ICANN and he had actively participated in most of the worldwide ICANN meetings, since the beginning.

He served on the Names Council of the DNSO and also as the Chairman of the Administrative Committee of the ccTLD Constituency. He was the ccTLD Manager for the US Virgin Islands. (.VI)

Peter died at Fort Lauderdale Florida; where had been receiving medical treatment.

Peter gave his time and heart to the ccTLD community, he was also a close friend to many of us; in the ccTLD group and throughout ICANN.

He was always motivated by a desire to assist country code managers in the developing nations and areas, and also to ensure that the power of the Internet will be shared by everybody, both at home and worldwide.

One of Peter.s outstanding achievements was to bring the Internet to the US Virgin Islands and to organize and found the VIP FreeNet service in 1990s, which was the first community computer system in the Caribbean area.

Peter.s last message sent to the ccTLD community is a testimony to his dedication.

We therefore ask the Board to join with us in formally recognizing Peter s outstanding contribution to ICANN.


Elisabeth Porteneuve
On behalf of the ccTLD Managers


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