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(21 May 2009)


ICANN and [Registrar Name] have entered into a Registrar Accreditation Agreement ("RAA"), of which this .museum Appendix ("Appendix") is a part. Pursuant to and subject to the RAA, Registrar and ICANN hereby agree as follows:

1. Definitions. As used in the RAA (including this appendix) with respect to the .museum TLD:

1.1 “Sponsor” refers to the entity designated as the Sponsoring Organization for the .museum TLD by a Sponsorship Agreement with ICANN, so long as that Sponsorship Agreement is in effect.

1.2 "Registry Operator" is the entity responsible, in accordance with an agreement between the Sponsor (or its assignee) and that person or entity, for providing Registry Services for the .museum TLD.

1.3 “Registry Services,” with respect to the .museum TLD, shall have the meaning defined in the Sponsorship Agreement in effect between ICANN and the Sponsor.

1.4 “Authorizing Agreement” refers to the Sponsor’s standard written agreement with registrars under which they are authorized to receive from Registry Operator Registry Services for the .museum TLD.

1.5 “Registered Name” refers to a domain name within the domain of the .museum TLD, whether consisting of two or more (e.g., example.art.museum) levels, about which Registry Operator (or an affiliate engaged in providing Registry Services) maintains data in a Registry Database, arranges for such maintenance, or derives revenue from such maintenance. A name in a Registry Database may be a Registered Name even though it does not appear in a zone file (e.g., a registered but inactive name).

All initially capitalized terms not otherwise defined in this Appendix shall have the definitions assigned to such terms in the RAA.

2. Registrar Election. Registrar hereby elects and agrees to become accredited by ICANN to provide Registrar Services in the .museum TLD.

3. ICANN's Acceptance. ICANN hereby accepts Registrar's election to become accredited by ICANN to provide Registrar Services in the .museum TLD.

4. Need for Agreement with Sponsor. Registrar’s obligation under RAA Subsection 3.1 to operate as a registrar for the .museum TLD is conditioned upon the .museum Sponsor selecting Registrar as one authorized to act as a .museum registrar, and upon Registrar and the .museum Sponsor having an Authorizing Agreement in effect.

5. Sponsored TLD/Sponsor’s Delegated Authority. Registrar acknowledges that the .museum TLD is a sponsored TLD, over which the .museum Sponsor has been delegated policy-formulation authority under its TLD Sponsorship Agreement with ICANN. The scope of delegation is currently stated at <http://www.icann.org/tlds/agreements/museum/sponsorship-agmt-att2-20aug01.htm> and includes topics that will affect the manner in which Registrar conducts its business of registering domain names in the .museum TLD. (The delegation includes, for example, “Practices of ICANN-Accredited Registrars selected by Sponsor with respect to Registered Names and their registration.”) Registrar agrees to comply with the requirements established by the .museum Sponsor within its delegated scope of policy-formulation authority.

6. Deviations from Obligations of this Agreement Due to Delegation. The .museum Sponsor may develop and implement a policy within the scope of its authority granted by its TLD Sponsorship Agreement with ICANN that requires Registrar to deviate from one or more obligations of this RAA. In that event, the .museum Sponsor will notify ICANN in writing of the policy and the manner in which the .museum Sponsor believes that Registrar’s obligation(s) under this RAA should be modified. Within thirty days after this notification, ICANN will either:

(a) notify Registrar and the .museum Sponsor in writing of the modification(s) to Registrar’s obligations under this RAA that in ICANN’s opinion is (are) appropriate to allow Registrar to comply with the .museum Sponsor policy. In case of this notification by ICANN, Registrar may act in conformity with the modified obligation(s) stated in the ICANN notification.

(b) notify Registrar and the .museum Sponsor in writing that in ICANN’s opinion no modification of Registrar’s obligations is appropriate. In case of this notification by ICANN, Registrar will continue to comply with its obligations under the RAA without any modification until it is notified in writing by ICANN that a resolution of any difference between the opinions of ICANN and the .museum Sponsor is resolved.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this .museum Appendix to be executed by their duly authorized representatives.


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