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NomCom Activities and Responsibilities

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The timing of the NomCom activities generally works backwards from the ICANN's Annual Meeting because of a Bylaws requirement that the successful candidates selected by the NomCom be announced one month before the Annual Meeting.

In order to provide candidates with an understanding of the responsibilities and time commitments required of the NomCom Chair, below is a list of tasks relating to the work of the NomCom, starting with the appointment of the NomCom Chair through the announcement of NomCom selected candidates. While most specific 2008 dates are not included below, this chart should provide a picture of the various NomCom activities and, where applicable, the length of time generally allotted for each activity. For reference, the actual dates and timing for completing the NomCom tasks for late 2007 through completion in 2008, where available, is set forth below the chart.






Appointment of Chair by ICANN Board (note that the Chair of the previous NomCom remains on the committee as a non-voting member and a special advisor to the new Chair).



At his or her sole discretion, the Chair may appoint a non-voting Associate Chair to serve during all or part of the Chair’s term. The Associate Chair may not be a person who is otherwise a member of the same NomCom. The Associate Chair shall assist the Chair in carrying out the duties of the Chair, but shall not serve, temporarily or otherwise, in the place of the Chair.


Allow 6 – 8 weeks

Chair writes to constituencies to seat NomCom members, follow up done by Chair and Associate Chair.



NomCom established.



Administrative Teleconferences—these are held throughout the term of the NomCom and are generally called by the Chair on and as needed basis to finalize documents, discuss process, clarify information, etc.


Optimal is to have this meeting after the Annual Meeting, typically immediately after close of AGM

First face to face meeting—historically this has been a two day meeting and its purpose is to begin outreach to the ICANN community, to inform and involve NomCom members who had previously not attended an ICANN meeting or served on the NomCom, for NomCom members to become acquainted with each other, to clarify objectives and roles, and to prepare for the launch of the main part of the committee’s work.


Up to 3 months

Review of documents—the NomCom has developed a number of documents over time and these documents are reviewed and updated annually to reflect the positions being filled. The primary document of the NomCom is the Formal Call for Statement of Interest (SOI)s, other documents include Committee Procedures, Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest policy, FAQs and flyers



Announcement of Formal Call for Statement of Interests—this is done via the ICANN website and various mailing lists (for 2008 cycle, this was launched 14 December 2007)


From the date of formal call to closing date for SOIs

Outreach—NomCom members are expected to do their best to find the highest qualified candidates for consideration by the NomCom and to do their best to encourage those individuals to serve. This commitment to outreach is part of the Code of Ethics agreed by all members. NomCom members use their own networks and attendance at conferences, etc., to conduct outreach. This is done from the time the Formal Call for SOIs is announced to the closing date for submissions.


From receipt of SOIs to second face-to-face meeting

Request for references—all candidates are asked to identify up to four references. Following receipt of each SOI reference requests are sent by staff to all those identified by the candidates and posted for NomCom only review upon receipt.



Closing date for Statements of Interest (in 2008, closing date was 15 April 2008)


From closing date of submissions to second face to face meeting

Depending on NomCom procedures, each NomCom member will review the SOIs and references received. NomCom members are responsible for collecting all information about their candidates, including chasing references, and generally becoming familiar with the candidates they have been allocated. The 2008 NomCom also used the services of Ray & Berndtson, a Frankfurt, Germany-based executive search firm, to interview and assess candidates referred by the Nom Com. Ray & Berndtson’s assessments were an additional tool for the committee, and did not replace the determination of the NomCom on individual candidates.


Three to four weeks prior to second face to face meeting

The NomCom reviews SOIs received, references, and other information available on the candidates in advance of the selection meeting. The goal is to steadily build knowledge of all candidates and to be able to attend the selection meeting with a good knowledge of all candidates.


Two to Three days, may occur immediately following ICANN meeting

Second face-to-face or Selection meeting—the purpose of this meeting is to select a slate of candidates to fill the positions available. A number of alternative candidates are also identified in case the selected nominee’s circumstances had changed.


Over two to three days

Depending on NomCom procedures, telephone and/or face-to-face interviews. The purpose of the interviews is to elicit additional information about the candidates and ask clarifying questions.


Up to 4 weeks

Due diligence—a firm is selected by the NomCom in cooperation with staff, to conduct due diligence of the candidates. This process is commenced within days of the completion of the second face-to-face meeting.


At least one month prior to Annual Meeting, if not earlier

Selections announced—in accordance with the Bylaws requirement the selections are announced one month prior to the Annual Meeting.



Selectors take their positions at end of Annual Meeting.

For reference, the dates below are from the 2007-2008 schedule:

  • 11 September 2007 – Chair of NomCom appointed by Board.
  • 2-3 November 2007 - First face-to-face meeting in Los Angeles.
  • 4 November 2007 – 2008 Nominating Committee issues call for Statements of Interest for Assessment Team.
  • 14 December 2007 – 2008 Nominating Committee issues invitation for Expressions of Interest in ICANN Leadership Positions.
  • 15 April 2008 – Nomination period closed for 2008.
  • 27-28 June 2008 – NomCom face-to-face meeting in Paris, France.
  • late July 2008 – due diligence report to NomCom, NomCom confirms selections.
  • early September 2008 – announcement of selections for 2008.
  • Selectors take seats at end of 2008 AGM, 6 November 2008 in Cairo, Egypt.

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