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Name: Harsha Wijayawardhana
Date:7 May 2022
Affiliation: COO Theekshana, Co Chair Sinhala GP
1. Are the individual script proposals created by the Generation Panels (available here) correctly integrated into RZ-LGR-5?
2. In your view, are there any required technical changes to RZ-LGR-5? Please list them with an explanation.

None, we may have consider Chandra Bindu which is encoded in Sinhala recently.

3. Do you have any additional observations or suggested changes?


Summary of Submission

Having reviewed LGR 5, I'm amazed at the amount of work that has gone into Root Zone Label Generation rules. I'm convinced that this will have a multilingual Internet supporting different scripts other than Latin in the future. I'm sure many will apply for IDNs in the next round, supporting some of the Scripts in the LGR 5 like Sinhala. On behalf of Sinhala GP, I would like to congratulate Dr. Sarmad and Pitinan for their hard work!