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Minutes | Meeting of the Technical Committee of the Board (BTC) | 20 April 2023

Board Member and Liaison Attendees: Avri Doria (Chair), Alan Barrett, Edmon Chung, James Galvin, Wes Hardaker, Christian Kaufmann, and Patricio Poblete

Board Member with Apologies: Harald Alvestrand

ICANN Organization Attendees: Adiel Akplogan (Vice President for Technical Engagement), Amy Bivins (Senior Counsel) Jennifer Bryce (Project Manager), Franco Carrasco (Board Operations Specialist), John Crain (SVP & Chief Technology Officer), Matt Larson (VP, Research), Wendy Profit (Board Operations Sr. Manager), and Samaneh Tajalizadehkhoob (Director, Security, Stability and Resiliency Research)

Invited Guests: Suzanne Woolf and Matthew Thomas (Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) Name Collision Analysis Project (NCAP) Working Party (WP) chairs) – only present for agenda item no. 1

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken, and actions identified:

  1. BTC Update Session with the Name Collision Analysis Project (NCAP) DG Admin – The Committee received an update on the NCAP work from Matt Thomas, the NCAP DG Admin co-chair. He noted that Study 2 is continuing to progress well. The Committee was reminded that there are roughly five main components that Study 2 will be delivering: three reports regarding the case study for .CORP, .HOME, and .MAIL, the Board's questions and answers, and the completed Study 2 report. The five components are estimated to be out for public comment within the coming several months.
  2. Approval of Pending Committee Meeting's Report – The Committee was informed that the 23 February 2023 Preliminary Report of the Committee Meeting was recently circulated via email for review and approval.

    • Action item:

      • The Committee to review and approve the 23 February 2023 Committee Meeting Preliminary Report circulated via email.
  3. Action Items Review – The Chair established the agenda for the meeting. Seven action items were discussed:

    • Action Item #1: The approval of the 23 January 2023 Committee Meeting Preliminary Report is completed. This action item is now closed.
    • Action Item #2: The Chair to work with Committee members on continuing the discussion and possible revisions of the Committee Charter is currently an ongoing action item. There has been progress made on this action item, and it will be discussed during this Committee Meeting.
    • Action Item #3: The Committee to review its Work Plan for 2023, which includes alignment with a revised Charter if needed, and send ICANN org any comments for adjustment, if applicable, is currently an open action item. An update to this action item will be discussed during this Committee meeting.
    • Action Item #4: The Chair to work with Committee members on outlining the topics associated with Alternative Naming Systems is currently an open action item. This item will further be discussed during this Committee Meeting.
    • Action Item #5: Preparation of the Board Paper and Resolution for the community to approve RSSAC057 is an ongoing action item. It will be discussed at this Committee meeting.
    • Action Item #6: The scheduling by Board Ops of a 45-minute discussion with a researcher from University of San Diego on the use of domain name in malware, particularly blockchain domain name, is currently an open action item.
    • Action Item # 7: A deep dive presentation for the Committee of the Initial Draft of Study 2 from NCAP to be scheduled for the first quarter of 2023 is currently on hold. This will take place once Study 2 is ready for analysis.
  4. BTC Charter Review - Final Discussion & Approval – The Chair led the review of the Committee's Charter. The Chair and other Committee members previously noted down questions about the Charter. The Chair informed the Committee that she sent those questions to the Governance Committee of the Board (BGC). Said questions included those related to the issues of voting, quorum, and succession planning. The Committee discussed suggested changes to the Charter and completed their review of the Charter.

    • Action item:

      • The Chair to revert back to the Committee once the BGC reviews the Committee's questions regarding the Committee Charter.
  5. Framing Alternative Naming Systems Discussion– The Committee discussed how it would like to frame the discussion related to alternative naming systems, from both a technical and policy perspective. It was noted that there are three broad areas of concern related to alternative naming systems the Committee could consider within these discussions: (i) alternative naming systems in general (including how to stay informed about them and how to monitor their evolution); (ii) observation of alternative naming systems (which includes the issues of users confusion and the intersection of alternative naming systems with ICANN); and (iii) moving forward with alternative naming systems. The Committee also noted that the issues of coexistence with these systems, protection of end users from confusion, risk to ICANN, and consumer trust in the DNS system are important areas to further discuss and analyze. Finally, the Committee noted that, for the purposes of these discussions, it would be looking to ICANN org's technical staff for input regarding the technical underpinnings of these systems.

    • Action item:

      • The topic of alternative naming systems to be an agenda item for further discussion for the next Committee Meeting.
  6. Approval of RSSAC057 Board Paper – Members of the ICANN org staff summarized the contents of RSSAC057: Requirements for Measurements of the Local Perspective of the Root Server System, and the two recommendations within it. ICANN org explained that the RSSAC057 Board Paper discusses recommendation #2 regarding a data repository. A request from the Committee for additional information regarding a budgetary request was made. Pending modification of the Board Paper to include this information, the Board agreed to pass this Paper onto the Board for approval.

    • Action Item:

      • The Board Paper to be modified to include an explanation of any budgetary request related to recommendation #2.
  7. Priority Project Updates – The Committee received an update on the following projects:

    • SAC113 Implementation Update: ICANN org noted that the SAC113 implementation process' comment period is now closed, and an initial evaluation of the comments has been conducted. A full analysis of the comments is pending.
    • Domain Name System Security Facilitation Initiative Technical Study Group (DSFI-TSG) Report - Implementation Update: ICANN org members gave a presentation on the DSFI-TSG's recommendations. The Committee was reminded that twelve recommendations were made by the DSFI within the final report and that these recommendations were given to the CEO. Since then, ICANN org completed an initial high-level feasibility evaluation of those recommendations. It was noted that next steps for moving the recommendations into ICANN's planning and prioritization framework include delivering a briefing on the full outcome of the feasibility evaluation to the Committee.

      • Action Item:

        • Board Ops and members of the ICANN org OCTO team to work on scheduling a briefing on the DSFI-TSG's feasibility evaluation for the Committee.
    • Root Server System Governance Working Group (RSS GWG) 037/038 Implementation: It was reported that the GWG held a workshop during the week of 17 April, and it was successful. The output of the workshop was the finalization of the majority of principles for governance of the root server system. Four principles are still not finalized as they relate to broader issues and will be further discussed.
  8. Updates from Technical Liaisons – The Committee received an update from the following Board Technical Liaisons:

    • SSAC (James Galvin): The Committee was notified that the SSAC Leadership Team is having face to face meetings again. The SSAC Leadership Team will have a workshop in Los Angeles during the week of 08 May 2023 where a deep dive of the SSAC's open recommendations with the Board will be discussed.
    • RSSAC (Wes Hardaker): The Committee was notified that two work parties are concluding their work: RSSAC001 (which concerns expectations of the RSOs from a policy perspective) and RSSAC002 (which concerns the measurement system for the RSOs). RSSAC002 will be published shortly. The Committee was also notified that a security incident reporting work party (which will discuss when incident reports should be created) will be started.
    • IETF (Wes Hardaker): The Committee was informed that the .ALT document is within the final days of public comment. Going forward, the paper will be sent to the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) and will be formally published.
  9. Any Other Business

    • Observer During Committee Meetings (Avri Doria, Chair): Nicolas Caballero, newly appointed Chair of the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) will be joining Committee meetings as an observer.
    • Recordings of Meetings and Transcripts (Avri Doria, Chair): The Committee discussed the Records of Proceedings section on committee charters and whether this section should be updated to reflect the current cadence of preliminary reports.

The Chair called the meeting to a close.

Published on 5 June 2023