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Structural Improvements Committee Meeting - Minutes 20 June 2009

20, 22 June 2009

Committee members present: Harald Alvestrand, Raimundo Beca, Roberto Gaetano – chair, and Jean-Jacques Subrenat

Committee members not present but sends apologies: Rita Rodin Johnston

Other Board members present: Peter Dengate Thrush (21 June only) Dennis Jennings and Mike Silber (20 June only)

Staff members present: Ken Bour, Doug Brent, Samantha Eisner, Rob Hoggarth, John Jeffrey (20 June only), Marco Lorenzoni, Denise Michel, Diane Schroeder and Amy Stathos

The following is a summary of discussion, actions taken and actions identified:

  • Discussed and unanimously approved minutes from prior meeting.
  • Discussed the status and open issues relating to Stakeholder Group (SG) charters and moving forward with transitional charters so that the GNSO Council can be seated in Seoul. Voted unanimously in favor of recommending that the Board ask the SIC to provide guidance on the SG charters and present final charters for Board action in July. Further voted unanimously to recommend that the Board resolve to postpone seating the GNSO Council until the ICANN meeting in Seoul in recognition of the additional time required for community engagement on the SG charters. Staff identified where SG proposed charters deviated from principles identified by the SIC and revised charters to ensure inclusion of those principles. Action: Staff to provide revised charters to the SGs for further consideration in Sydney .
  • Discussed status of the GNSO Bylaws revisions, and potential strategies for approving the posting of Bylaws revisions to allow for approval prior to Seoul.
  • Discussed the composition of the Nominating Committee (“NomCom”) Review Working Group (“WG”). The SIC voted unanimously in favor of recommending that the Board approve the proposed composition of the NomCom Review WG (Thomas Roessler, Alejandro Pisanty, Steve Goldstein, Jonathan Cohen) and that the WG present its updated report prior to the Seoul meeting to allow for public consultation there. Action: Staff to finalize resolution and present to Board for approval.
  • Discussed status of the public comment period on the Board Review Working Group final report.
  • Discussed status of At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) review final report and unanimously approved a recommendation that the Board accept the report. It has unanimously approved to further inform the Board that the SIC agreed that the Board Review Working Group is requested to identify different scenarios for the size and composition of the Board, taking into consideration the recommendation from the ALAC Review Working Group report to consider the inclusion of voting seat(s) on the Board for At-Large; and to identify different scenarios for the size and composition of the Nominating Committee
  • Discussed proposed Bylaws amendments regarding organizational review cycle and voted unanimously in favor of recommending that the Board approve the posting of the proposed Bylaws amendments for public comment . Action: Staff to confirm proper terminology in proposed amendments and submit to the Board for approval.
  • Discussed SIC members’ schedules for presentations at the Sydney meeting. Action: Staff to circulate a final schedule to SIC members.
  • Reviewed staff report on running organizational reviews and related activities.