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Structural Improvements Committee Minutes 2 June 2009

Committee members present: Raimundo Beca, Roberto Gaetano – chair, Rita Rodin Johnston, and Jean-Jacques Subrenat

Committee member not present but sends apologies: Harald Alvestrand

Staff members present: Doug Brent, Samantha Eisner, Rob Hoggarth, Marco Lorenzoni, Denise Michel, Margie Milam, and Amy Stathos

The following is a summary of discussion, actions taken and actions identified:

  • Discussed and unanimously approved minutes from previous meeting.
  • Discussed status of GNSO Improvements. Received staff update on status of modification to proposed Stakeholder Group Charters as directed by the Board at its 21 May 2009 meeting, and discussed the need to present governing principles to guide proposed Stakeholder Groups in modification of their Charters. The committee also discussed potential answers to questions posed to the SIC from the Drafting Team and the Chair of the GNSO. Action: Staff to provide proposed principles for Stakeholder Group charters for committee discussion and agreement and await further committee direction on how to proceed; Committee chair to circulate draft of proposed answers to questions for committee review and comment, after submission of all committee member comments regarding questions as posed.
  • Discussed status of Board review. Action: Staff to make slight editorial changes to recommendations from the working group and post recommendations in advance of discussions in Sydney; Committee to review Board size and composition scenarios presented by Staff.
  • Discussed status of ALAC review in light of Board action at 21 May 2009 meeting and reviewed need for and whether the committee could provide any support to the ALAC working group in proceeding towards timely publication of its report. The SIC unanimously resolved to publish the report from the ALAC working group as soon as practicable.
  • Discussed potential composition of Nominating Committee Review Working Group.
  • Discussed status of ccNSO Review Working Group. Action: Staff to provide information to Board to seek formal approval of the working group members.