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Public Participation Committee (PPC) Meeting Minutes 23 October 2011

PPC Attendees: Mike Silber – Chair, Thomas Narten, Gonzalo Navarro, Katim Touray and Kuo-Wei Wu

PPC Apologies: Sébastien Bachollet

Other Board attendees: Chris Disspain

Staff Attendees: Akram Atallah – Chief Operating Officer; Elise Gerich – VP, IANA; David Olive – Senior Vice President, Policy Development Support; Kurt Pritz – Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Relations; Samantha Eisner, Janice Douma Lange, Christina Rodriguez, Scott Pinzon, Alina Syunkova, Nick Tomasso and Filiz Yilmaz

The following is a summary of discussion, action taken and actions identified:

  1. Minutes of Prior Meeting: The PPC approved the minutes of its prior meeting in September 2011.

  2. Outreach Program: The PPC received a presentation from staff on planning for future outreach work.

  3. ATRT Implementation Work: The PPC received report from staff on the ATRT Implementation Work relating to the public comment processes, including the outcomes of the focus group work on the public comment enhancements and the testing of the comment-reply cycle. The PPC reviewed the outcomes of the community input on the proposed enhancements to the public comment process, including the topics of stratification and prioritization of comment period. The PPC also discussed the potential monitoring or moderating needs for comment periods after the introduction of a reply cycle. Staff also provided an update on the work to produce a language-services policy to meet recommendation 18.

  4. Redesign of ICANN.org: Staff provided an update on the progress of the redesign of ICANN.org, with a focus on ease of information and tailoring the user experience. The PPC provided suggestions for modification.