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Minutes – Board Risk Committee (BRC) Meeting 20 June 2010

RC Attendees: Bruce Tonkin – Chair; Steve Crocker, Rajasekhar Ramaraj, Mike Silber, and Suzanne Woolf

Invited Board Attendees: Ray Plzak and Kuo-Wei Wu

Staff Attendees: Greg Rattray – Chief Internet Security Advisor; Doug Brent – Chief Operating Officer; Elise Gerich – Vice President, IANA; Kevin Wilson – Chief Financial Officer; Joe Abley, Samantha Eisner, Patrick Jones, Olof Nordling, Diane Schroeder and Leo Vegoda.

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken and actions identified:

  1. Staff provided an update on the status of the Risk Oversight Management Team and the Enterprise Risk Management Guidelines, which are near completion.

    • Actions:
      • Staff to ensure incorporation of risk management incident review process into Guidelines.
      • Staff to confirm that a discussion of proper reporting thresholds is on the RC’s September 2010 meeting agenda.
  2. Staff provided a report on risks relating to IPv4 depletion issues, and held a discussion regarding engaging in discussions with the Regional Internet Registries regarding those issues.

    • Action:
      • In coordination with the ROMT, staff to coordinate outreach to the Numbers Resource Organization executive committee.
  3. Staff provided an initial report regarding identification of key risk areas related to the Affirmation of Commitments, and the RC discussed additional items for consideration, including identification of key risks in performance and outcomes.

    • Action:
      • Staff to identify risk areas related to outcomes and performance measurements related to the Affirmation of Commitments.
  4. Staff provided a brief report regarding key risk areas identified in the operation of L-Root and mitigation work

  5. Prior to closing the meeting, the Chair noted that a workplan had been circulated and invited online discussion