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Board Meeting - Agenda 22 April 2010

Consent Agenda:

  1.  Consent Agenda Resolution:
    1. .INFO Contract Amendment re One & Two Character Names
    2. Redelegation – Tanzania (.TZ)
    3. Approval of Recommendation from Compensation Committee regarding Paul Twomey's At Risk Component of Compensation as Senior President
    4. Renewal of DotPro Registry Agreement

Main Board Meeting:

  1. President's Report
  2. Proposed Implementation Plan for Synchronized ccTLD
  3. Delegation of IDN ccTLDs
  4. Latin American Meeting Location
  5. Affirmation of Commitments
    1. A. Meeting Our Commitments under AOC
      B. Board oversight of performance of Affirmation of Commitments.
    2. Supporting & Facilitating Reviews – Board's Role
    3. Transparency & Accountability Review Update
  6. DNS Cert
  7. New gTLDs
    1. Reporting performance against new gTLD Project Plan
    2. Status of Vertical Integration, IP Issues and Communications Plan
  8. May Retreat- Draft Agenda
  9. UDRP Policy - relationships with service providers; changes in procedures
  10. Any Other Business
  11. Executive Session