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Board Meeting - Agenda 26 June 2009

Consent Agenda – For Action

  • Designation of Seoul Meeting as Annual General Meeting
  • Approval of Charter of Community-Wide Working Group to Review The Structure of ICANN's Present Geographic Regions
  • Approval of Board Governance Committee's Recommendation of Board Committee and Leadership Selection Procedures
  • Approval of Board Governance Committee's Recommendation on Committee Membership
  • Approval of Structural Improvements Committee's Recommendation regarding the Composition of the ccNSO Review Working Group
  • Allocation Process for Single, Two, and Select Three-Character Domain Names in Dot-Pro, Including Proposed Contract Amendment
  • Receipt of Security, Stability & Resilience Plan
  • Receipt of Report on At-Large Summit
  • Approval of Minutes – 23 May 2009 Board Meeting

Agenda – For Action And/Or Discussion

  • GNSO Improvements
    • Status Report on GNSO Improvements Implementation Efforts
    • Proposed GNSO Constituency Applications
    • Status Report on GNSO Improvements – Stakeholder Group Charter Evaluations
  • Approval of FY10 Budget
  • Security & Stability Advisory Committee Actions
    • Approval regarding appointment of new SSAC members and retiring SSAC members
    • Approval regarding steps to prohibit redirection & synthesized responses by new gTLDs
    • Approval regarding formation of Working Group for display & usage of Internationalized Registration Data
  • Board Response to Discussions arising from Sydney Meeting
  • Actions Arising from the President's Strategy Committee's Recommendations in Improving Institutional Confidence: The Way Forward
  • Update on New gTLD Process
  • Update on IDNccTLD Process
  • Other Issues
  • Thank You Resolutions
  • CEO Succession Resolutions
  • Other Business