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Agenda | Regular Meeting of the ICANN Board 10 March 2016

Consent Agenda:

  • Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from 3 February 2016
  • Appointment of F-Root Server Operator Representative to the RSSAC
  • Appointment of Independent Auditors
  • Investment Policy Update
  • Next Steps for the Internationalized Registration Data (WHOIS) Final Report
  • Board Member Mentorship Program
  • Thank You to Local Host of ICANN 55 Meeting
  • Thank You to Sponsors of ICANN 55 Meeting
  • Thank You to Interpreters, Staff, Event and Hotel Teams of ICANN 55 Meeting

Main Agenda

  • Consideration of .ECO and .HOTEL IRP Declaration
  • USG IANA Stewardship Transition – Additional FY16 Expenses and Funding – subject to Board Finance Committee approval
  • IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal from ICG
  • Proposal from CCWG on Enhancing ICANN Accountability
  • AOB

Published on 01 March 2016