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Agenda | Regular Meeting of the ICANN Board 8 September 2019

Consent Agenda

  • Approval of Board Meeting Minutes
  • RSSAC Appointments
  • NomCom Chair and Chair Elect Appointments
  • Approval of the Standard Bylaws Amendments to the RSSAC and SSAC composition
  • Approval of Fundamental Bylaws Amendment to composition of the IANA Naming Functions Review
  • ITU-D Membership Acknowledgement

Main Agenda

  • Delegation of the .ευ ("eu") domain representing the European Union in Greek script to EURid vzw/asbl.
  • Reconsideration Request 19-1: Colombian Government re: .AMAZON
  • GAC Advice: Marrakech Communiqué (June 2019)
  • AOB

Published on 30 August 2019