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Seeking Ideas on Allocation Methods

17 octobre 2007

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Yesterday ICANN opened a forum for ideas on potential allocation methods for single-letter and single-digit domain names at the second level in gTLD registries (see announcement). The comment forum runs until 15 November 2007 23:59 UTC. To be considered, suggestions should be sent to, and comments can be viewed at

The GNSO Council called for the launch of this forum after considering a report of the Council’s Reserved Names Working Group (RN-WG), which recommended that “single letters and digits be released at the second level in future gTLDs, and that those currently reserved in existing gTLDs should be released. This release should be contingent upon the use of appropriate allocation frameworks. More work may be needed. In future gTLDs we recommend that single letters and single digits be available at the second (and third level if applicable).”

There are likely to be a wide variety of ideas and opinions on this topic. Take the opportunity to add your comments on the forum at the address listed above.


Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones

VP, Global Stakeholder Engagement