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ICANN Opens Comment Forum on .COOP and .MOBI Proposed Contract Changes to Allocate Single-Character Names

28 juillet 2008

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ICANN is today opening a public comment forum on proposed amendments to Appendix 6 of the DotCoop and DotMobi Sponsored TLD Agreements.

On 29 May 2008, ICANN posted for public information two requests submitted by the DotCoop and DotMobi sTLDs through the Registry Services Evaluation Process. Both registries proposed allocation of single-character second-level domain names.

As provided for by existing consensus policy (, ICANN has undertaken a preliminary determination to determine whether the proposals might raise significant security or stability, or competition issues. ICANN's determination is that the proposals submitted by DotCoop and DotMobi do not raise such issues in their respective sTLDs.

[Note that, from 13 June to 13 July 2008, ICANN conducted a public comment forum on a proposed single-character second-level domain names allocation framework (, which supported the allocation single-character second-level domain names in existing registries and reviewed various allocation methods.]

Both proposals require amendments to respective registry agreements. Therefore, a copy of the proposed DotCoop amendment is available here [PDF, 28K], and a copy of the proposed DotMOBI amendment is available here [PDF, 28K]. Both amendments provide for changes to Appendix 6, Schedule of Reserved Names. Comments on the proposed amendments submitted to coop-mobi-amendments at will be considered until 22 August 2008 23:59 UTC. Comments may be viewed at

All documentation related to the DotCoop proposal is available at, while all documentation related to the DotMobi proposal is available at