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Community Notice: Revised Process for Selection of Sites for ICANN International Public Meetings

21 juin 2010

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The ICANN Board Committee on Public Participation has approved a modified process for identifying the location of ICANN International Public Meetings. The bid process by which ICANN Meeting sites have been chosen in the past inherently limits the range of choices to cities and venues to those that submit a bid. The goal of the modified process is to continue to inform and consult ICANN stakeholders on locations of ICANN Meetings, while ensuring that the venues ultimately selected provide the best combination of logistics and security for all ICANN Meeting delegates.

This modified selection process will maintain the current practice of regional rotation of ICANN Meetings, and those in the geographic region will continue to be invited to submit recommendations for specific locations. These recommended venues, along with others in the region that meet the established selection criteria, will be considered. The final location for the ICANN Meeting will then be selected through the evaluation of both community-recommended and ICANN-identified locations.

This new meeting site selection process will be implemented beginning with the 40th ICANN International Meeting to be held 13-18 March 2011 in North America. An announcement requesting location recommendations from the ICANN community will be posted on 21 July 2010. It will contain the criteria by which sites will be evaluated.

ICANN welcomes your feedback on this revised meeting site selection process and will consider that input to aid in future enhancements to the process.