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Name: Nojus Saad
Date:12 Dec 2022
Affiliation: Youth For Women Foundation
Other Comments

Warm thanks and congratulations for the ccNSO Policy Development Process Review Mechanism Working Group (ccPDP3WG-RM) for your efforts in completing the initial draft of the Review Mechanism recommended policy for the specific decisions pertaining to the delegation, transfer, revocation, and retirement of country code top-level domains (ccTLDs). This Initial Report, seems very professional and excellently developed.

When it comes to the Applicability of the Policy, how do we define significant issues that out to be only reported by the CCRM? How would we specifically monitor IFO’s operability and compliance with RFC 1591, the CCNSO FOI for RFC1591 as adopted by the ICANN Board? We must be clearly define the scope and administrative components of this RM.

We must ensure diversity and inclusion when selecting/nominating the CCRM Manager and the selection/nomination process must be transparent and open to the Community for contribution. The CCRM Manager must also have a strong background in Human Rights to ensure that every step taken towards CCRM functions is within the scope and protection of digital rights and security.

In case of new applicants of the ccTLD, What would the process of nominating the applicant and claimant of CCRM look like? The process should again be transparent and open to the community.

What does the IFO structure look look? How diverse and inclusive it is? How can we ensure transparency, democracy, multistakeholderism and avoidance of conflicts of interest within the IFO? When exactly would the role of the ccNSO Council and the ICANN Board involvement be required, is it requested by the IFO? And can it be requested by the original applicant?

Summary of Submission

The community needs more transparency, diversity, and multi-stakeholder management of the operations of the ccTLD PDPs and specifically the operators - especially prioritizing the integration of a Digital rights strategy and principle that ensures the privacy, security and inclusivity of ccTLD end-users.