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The Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum (DRIF) 2024

Monday 22 April 2024 - Thursday 25 April 2024

Africa | Accra, Ghana | Both Virtual and In Person

Event Description
While the internet is meant to connect and serve people from diverse communities, contexts, and countries, the infrastructure and standards that run the internet do not. There remain knowledge, financial, and cultural gaps for individuals and civil society organisations to participate in technical standards to ensure the internet is developed in a way that is inclusive and representative of diverse voices and perspectives.

This session aims to build foundational knowledge for participants to better understand what internet infrastructure is, how it can impact human rights, and where these technical standards and policies are being developed. This can support civil society organisations to consider engaging in standards developing organisations to build a more inclusive internet.

The session will provide an introduction to internet infrastructure, specific examples on how internet infrastructure impacts users’ rights, insights and experiences from panellists currently engaging in technical standards and policy development, and resources and opportunities participants can follow post-session to begin engagement in technical standards setting.