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Secretary's Notice | GNSO Council's Selection of Rita Rodin as an ICANN Director | 29 June 2006

The Generic Names Supporting Organization has appointed Rita Rodin of the United States as a Director on the ICANN Board serving in Seat 14. Ms. Rodin is filling a vacancy left by the resignation of Michael Palage. Her term will commence immediately and will continue until six months after the conclusion of ICANN's Annual Meeting in 2007.

Article X, Section 3(6) of the ICANN Bylaws states:

6. The GNSO Council shall make selections to fill Seats 13 and 14 on the ICANN Board by written ballot or by action at a meeting; any such selection must have affirmative votes comprising a majority of the votes of all the members of the GNSO Council. Notification of the GNSO Council's selections shall be given by the GNSO Chair in writing to the ICANN Secretary, consistent with Article VI, Sections 8(4) and 12(1).

Consistent with the second-quoted sentence above, I received the following message on 28 June 2006 from Bruce Tonkin, the GNSO Chair:

From: "Bruce Tonkin"
Date: June 28, 2006 12:45:28 PM GMT+00:00
To: "John Jeffrey"
Cc: "Vint Cerf"
Subject: Appointment of Rita Rodin to the ICANN Board

I hereby advise that the GNSO Council has ratified the election result for ICANN Board seat #14 at its meeting today, and confirm that Rita Rodin has been elected to take up ICANN Board seat #14.

Bruce Tonkin

John O. Jeffrey
ICANN General Counsel & Secretary