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Special Meeting of the Board Preliminary Report 21 February 2006

The Following Resolutions were approved by the Board at the Special Board meetin held on 21 February 2006 @ 1:00 PM PT:

Designation of São Paulo as 2006 Annual Meeting

Whereas, ICANN has received a proposal for hosting ICANN's Eighth Annual Meeting in São Paulo, Brazil, 4-8 December 2006.

Whereas, the proposal has been reviewed and approved by ICANN staff and the Meetings Committee.

Resolved (06.04), the President is authorized to make arrangements for ICANN's Eighth Annual Meeting in São Paulo, Brazil, and the Board hereby designates the 8 December 2006 meeting in São Paulo as ICANN's 2006 Annual Meeting.

Approval of Contractor to Conduct GNSO Review

Whereas, Article IV, Section 4 of the ICANN Bylaws provides that the ICANN Board will regularly initiate an independent review of each supporting organization and supporting organization council.

Whereas, at its meeting in Luxembourg in July 2005, the ICANN Board requested the GNSO Council to prepare with the ICANN staff and Board a "Terms of Reference" document to guide an independent review of the GNSO, and to present the terms of reference to the Board for adoption at the meeting in December 2005, in Vancouver, Canada.

Whereas, comprehensive consultation between the GNSO Council, the GNSO Constituencies and members of the ICANN community was undertaken to develop the Terms of Reference.

Whereas, the draft Terms of Reference were approved by the GNSO Council and posted on the ICANN website for public comment, which yielded several helpful comments.

Whereas, at its meeting in Vancouver in December 2005, the Board directed staff to initiate the GNSO Review in accordance with the approved Terms of Reference.

Whereas, ICANN solicited proposals for independent review services in order to perform the review and careful evaluation of those proposals has been made.

Resolved (06.05), the President and the General Counsel are authorized to engage the London School of Economics Public Policy Group to conduct the GNSO Review according to the terms set out in their proposal, with expenditures not to exceed US$150,000.

Designation of Academic Organization to Select Delegate for ICANN's 2006 Nominating Committee

Whereas, ICANN Bylaws Article VII, Section 2.8, provides that the Nominating Committee shall include a voting delegate from an "entity designated by the Board to represent academic and similar organizations";

Whereas, the Board Governance Committee has sought recommendations for this designation in a transparent, plural manner, which process has resulted in the recommendation of the entity in charge of Advanced Networks in CANARIE. Prof. Bill St. Arnaud is Senior Director Advanced Networks for CANARIE. CANARIE combines representation of a broad set of academic institutions, relevant expertise in the field of interest for the position, and the opportunity that it provide the services of an outstanding, accomplished and respected individual who fits the requirements of the Bylaws, in the person of Prof. Bill St. Arnaud.

Whereas, Prof. Bill St. Arnaud is a highly respected leader of the advanced networks of Canada, CANARIE and CANET, with high international standing and proven abilities to bring together the academic, private, and public sectors, and has indicated that he is ready to serve on the Nominating Committee.

Resolved (06.06), CANARIE Advanced Networks is designated to select a delegate to represent academic and similar organizations on the 2006 ICANN Nominating Committee.