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Meeting of the Executive Committee Preliminary Report 26 March 2002

Posted 26 March 2002

At its meeting on 26 March 2002, the ICANN Executive Committee adopted the following resolutions:

Approval of Minutes

Resolved [EC02.3] that the Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee held on 31 January 2002 are hereby approved and adopted as presented.

Reimbursement of President's Expenses

Whereas, Article VIII, Section 9 of the ICANN bylaws provides that reimbursements of the President's expenses shall be approved by the Board;

Whereas, in resolution 01.109 the Board delegated to the Executive Committee the authority to approve reimbursements to the President;

Whereas, in resolution EC01.13 the Executive Committee authorized the Vice-President and General Counsel to approve advances to the President toward expenses he has incurred in connection with performance of his duties, provided that the amount advanced at any time does not exceed US$20,000;

Whereas, the President has submitted requests for reimbursement of his expenses in the amounts of US$5,584.59, US$12,986.58, and US$13,087.01;

Whereas, the Vice-President and General Counsel has reviewed these requests, found them to be appropriate, and recommended to the Executive Committee that they be approved;

Whereas, advances to the President totalling US$18,571.17 have been made with the approval of the Vice-President and General Counsel on the basis of these expenses;

Whereas, the Executive Committee has considered whether to approve the reimbursement of these expenses;

Resolved [EC02.4] that the Executive Committee, acting under the authority delegated to it by the Board in resolution 01.109, approves reimbursement to the President of the expenses incurred in the total amount of US$31,658.18.

(Dr. Lynn did not participate in this action of the Executive Committee.)