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Meeting of the Executive Committee Preliminary Report 13 August 2002

Posted 13 August 2002

At its meeting on 13 August 2002, the ICANN Executive Committee adopted the following resolutions:

Approval of Minutes

Resolved [EC02.7] that the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee held on 26 March and 19 July 2002 are hereby approved and adopted as presented.

Interim Support for GAC Functions

Whereas, the Government of Australia generously provided both the chair and secretariat services to the ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) beginning in February 1999;

Whereas, at the March 2002 ICANN meeting in Accra, the Australian Government indicated that it would be unable to continue funding the GAC chair and secretariat functions past the time of ICANN's Bucharest meeting in June 2002;

Whereas, in resolution 02.34 the ICANN Board expressed its deep appreciation to the Australian Government for its longstanding support and leadership in regard to ICANN;

Whereas, the timing of the ongoing ICANN evolution and reform process makes it essential that the private-sector ICANN community communicate and coordinate closely with governments during this period, so that governmental concerns and suggestions can be appropriately taken into account;

Whereas, in view of the consequent need for an uninterrupted secretariat function for the GAC, at the ICANN Bucharest meeting the Australian Government indicated a willingness to continue to provide services for the GAC provided it receives reimbursement of its costs;

Whereas, the GAC provides a vital channel for consultation regarding views of governments on how ICANN can best serve the public interest;

Whereas, the GAC Secretariat provides valuable consultation to ICANN staff regarding its communications with governments on redelegations and other matters;

Whereas, the GAC Secretariat acts as a valuable source of information to governments regarding ICANN policies and procedures;

Whereas, the GAC has formed a committee that is studying how the chair, secretariat, and other support functions for the GAC can best be provided and funded in the future, but that committee's report is not expected to be ready for action by the GAC before the ICANN Shanghai meeting in late October 2002;

Whereas, the Executive Committee has therefore concluded that it is appropriate to provide reimbursement to the Australian Government for its actual costs of providing chair and secretariat services to the GAC through 15 November 2002, after which other arrangements for the provision of these services can come into operation;

Resolved [EC02.8] that the President is authorized to provide reimbursement to the Australian Government for its actual costs of providing chair and secretariat services to the GAC, in a total amount not to exceed US$75,000, for the period ending 15 November 2002, after which alternative arrangements by the GAC to provide these functions can be implemented.