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IANA Committee (IC) Minutes 13 April 2010

IC attendees: Harald Alvestrand – chair, Dennis Jennings, Thomas Narten, and Katim Touray.

Apologies: Suzanne Woolf

Staff Members Present: Doug Brent – Chief Operating Officer; David Conrad – IANA Executive Director (Acting) & VP Research and IANA Strategy; Jamie Hedlund – Vice President, Government Affairs; Joe Abley, Kim Davies, Samantha Eisner, Barbara Roseman, Diane Schroeder, Amy Stathos, and Leo Vegoda.

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken and actions identified:

  1. Reviewed the minutes from the prior IC meeting, and all voting members in attendance unanimously approved the minutes.
  2. Received update from staff of progress on action items identified at the previous meeting, with some items carried over.
    • Actions:
      • Staff to provide IC with a note regarding the process for posting the external review of the root zone management process.
      • Staff to complete posting of external review of root zone management process.
      • Staff to provide strategy for publishing documents that are final and are not to be posted for public comment.
      • Staff to provide IC with updates on the standardizing of documentation on process reviews, with a goal to have the documentation to completed in October 2010.
      • Staff to invite IC members to May webinar on the IANA Functions Department Business Excellence work.
  3. Received an operational status report from Staff on the roll out of DNSSEC and the status of work on signing the ICANN-related zones, including the call for trusted community representatives to participate in root key generation and signing ceremonies.
  4. Received updates from staff on the status of a proposal for testing DNAME in a testing subzone of the root.
    • Action:
      • Staff to factor in feedback from the Board on the remainder of the terms of reference for a study of DNAME and provide an update on the project in May.
  5. Discussed proposal regarding method by which the IC can facilitate Board consideration and action on delegation and redelegation issues.
    • Action:
      • Staff to prepare draft paper for presentation to the Board regarding the IC proposal, for IC review and discussion at the IC meeting in May.
  6. Received an update from staff regarding the proposed posting regarding modification to Root Glue policy along with the external review.
    • Action:
      • Staff to post Root Glue policy proposal for public comment.
  7. Discussed IC expectations regarding staff work to provide plan for dealing with responding to the changing landscape of IPv4 availability.
    • Action:
      • Staff to produce a risk matrix.
      • Staff to consult with ICANN Board members appointed by the addressing community regarding next steps.