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IANA Committee (IC) Minutes 11 August 2011

IC attendees: Kuo-Wei Wu – Chair; Bertrand de La Chapelle, Thomas Narten, Ray Plzak, and Suzanne Woolf

Other Board attendee: Sébastien Bachollet

IC apologies: Katim Touray

Staff Members Present: Elise Gerich – Vice President, IANA; Jamie Hedlund – Vice President, Government Affairs – Americas; Michelle Cotton, Barbara Roseman, Diane Schroeder, Amy Stathos, Alina Syunkova, and Leo Vegoda

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken and actions identified:

  1. Minutes. The IC reviewed and approved the minutes of the previous IC meeting.

  2. Further Notice of Inquiry. Staff provided an update on NTIA’s IANA Functions Further Notice of Inquiry.

  3. Document Publication and Communications Plan. Staff provided a presentation on the process established for the review and posting of IANA Department reports and documents, including a workflow for the case of posting third-party reports regarding the IANA functions.

  4. Protocol Parameters Work. Staff provided an update on the protocol parameters work performed in coordination with the IETF.

  5. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Service Level Agreements (SLA). Received a presentation from staff on the work arising out of the IANA Functions Department business excellence initiative, and the identification of KPIs, SLAs and other metrics and targets being implemented to help measure performance and increase customer satisfaction.

    • Action:

      • When completed, staff to provide update to IC on customer satisfaction definitions and work.

  6. Open Action Items. Received update from staff on open action items arising out of prior IC meetings, including the stalled publication of documentation of the root management process.

    • Action:

      • Staff to provide report summarizing issues surrounding publication of the Root Zone Management documentation.