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IANA Committee (IC) Minutes 7 September 2010

IC attendees: Harald Alvestrand – chair, Dennis Jennings, Thomas Narten, Katim Touray, and Kuo-Wei-Wu

Apologies: Suzanne Woolf

Staff Members Present: Elise Gerich – VP, IANA; Jamie Hedlund – Vice President, Government Affairs (Americas); Kurt Pritz – Senior Vice President, Services; Michelle Cotton, Kim Davies, Barbara Roseman, Diane Schroeder, Amy Stathos, and Leo Vegoda.

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken and actions identified:

  1. Minutes: Reviewed and approved the minutes from the prior IC meeting,

  2. Action Items: Received update from staff of progress on action items identified at the previous meeting for action at this September meeting.

    • Action (carried over):
      • Staff to provide an Analysis of risks and mitigation of risks in relation to operational role in relation to DNSSEC.
  3. External Documentation for Root Zone Changes: Staff provided an update on the status of the process and communications surrounding the posting of documents relating to the IANA function operations. Progress is slow and there is movement.

  4. DNSSEC activities in TLDs: Received update from staff on and discussed DNSSEC activities in TLDs, including the goal to eventually decommission the ITAR (Interim Trust Anchor Repository) and the steps needed to undertake that transition. Currently, 28 TLDs are signed. The IC discussed the need to include DNSSEC in the collection of services that are measured and regularly reported to the public.

    • Action:
      • Staff to publish regular public reports on adoption of DNSSEC in TLDs.
  5. Delegation and Redelegation: The IC and staff discussed the history of definitions related to terms used in ccTLD delegation and redelegations, including the need to be sensitive to governmental representations, as well as the need for a more clearly defined process.

    • Action:
      • Staff to propose to IC potential definitions for various terms referenced in the delegation/redelegation process by end of September.
  6. IPv4 availability: Received update from staff on the work arising out of the risk committee regarding risk identification, stating that work is continuing for the Risk Committee.